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taken in any order, but module 5 must be the last one because that is when the permit test is administered. Once the student has passed the permit test given in module 5, they can go to the SAAQ and pick up their learner's permit. They then must call the school to book their first in-car driving lesson, and they can move onto phase 2. Once having completed phase 2, then the student can move on to phase 3, at which point the lessons will be staggered. Ten months after obtaining their learner's permit and having completed the theory of phase 4, the student must then go to the SAAQ to pass a theory test at one of their centers. Having completed the test successfully, the student will then book their driving test, and complete the remaining driving lessons at the school.

The total cost of the theory, driving, textbooks and taxes included is $1184.05, when the student signs up, we ask for an initial deposit paid in cash, cheque or by e-transfer.

Modules 1-5 are given every Tuesday and Thursday on zoom. Please reserve your spot in advance on our gmail: A schedule of all the upcoming classes is posted on our CAlendar.

As of January 1st 2022, the SAAQ requires that driving schools return to the following of the protocol of Phases 1 to 4.

For more information refer to your book on page 22.


he first phase (modules 1-5) have to take a minimum of 28 days to complete. Modules 1-4 can be

Driving Course Outline

Four Competencies to Acquire

  1. To establish the profil of a safe, cooperative and responsible driver

  2. To handle a passenger vehicle

  3. To share the road

  4. To use the road network independently and responsibly

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